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How to Remove Your Seat Belt

how to remove your seat belt

How to Remove Your Seat Belt?


To remove your seat belt, you will need 2 basic tools:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Socket ratchet or Allen set

The process is extremely easy! But before we get started, it is important to determine why you’re removing your seat belt. If your seat belt is locked or blown due to an accident, did you know that you can get your seat belt repaired instead of buying new? Yes! You can save hundreds or even thousands by having your seat belts repaired. Regardless of your make or model, we repair all types of seat belt retractors, pretensioners and buckles. Do not buy new at the dealer, visit our online store at SafetyRestore.com to learn more. Back to “How to Remove Your Seat Belt”.


It is extremely important to disconnect your battery. This will prevent the rare instance of the airbag deployment and any damage with SRS airbag components. Also, any electrical shock or shortage will not occur.

1. Locate the seat belt.

Find the seat belt that you will be removing and prepare the area clear of any obstruction.

2. Remove any screws or bolts.

The seat belt assembly will be covered by plastic trim. You will find small covers covering the screws or bolts. Locate them and unscrew the bolts.

3. Remove all trim.

Use a flat head screw driver to remove all trim along the seat belt assembly.

*Move your seat back/frontwards.

To get better access to your seat belt, move your seat belt appropriately.

4. Unbolt the seat belt assembly.

At this point all trim should be removed and the seat belt assembly visible. Locate the bolt the holding the seat belt assembly.

5. Disconnect the seat belt plug.

Carefully remove the plug using your flathead screwdriver. Some prefer to use a thin razor blade to undo the plug.

6. Remove any other screws or bolts.

If you see any other screws or bolts holding down the assembly, remove them to get the seat belt assembly out.

You’re Done!

It’s that easy. Remember, we repair locked and blown seat belts after accident and replace ripped, cut, torn, worn out and dog chewed seat belts.

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